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Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2018 - Japon

Couverture Catalogue Shinano Primitive S

Fabrice Bony’s report on Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2018

Residence artist staying period : August 22nd, 2018 – September 4th, 2018

Location : Fresh Winds House


I would like to thanks Mr Nobuyuki Sugihara (Project Director), Taeko Mori (Program Director) and Eri Hosoda (Coordinator) for inviting me as artist in residence for Shinano Primitive Sense Art Festival 2018.

This residence offered me the possibilities to present my work as musician and composer. I was also able to give workshops and have collaborations with other invited artists.

Music work

Since 2012, I’m working on musical stones percussions “Lithophone” I created. As I arrived in Omachi City, my main idea was to find stones in the area for a new mineral music creation. I walked in the countryside of Omachi to look for these stones but I could not find some. So finally, I created new percussion from metallic tools that had very nice sounds. Afterwards japanese percussionist Tomoo Nagai I often collaborate with sent me some French stones we are using for concerts together. I mixed these stones with metallic tools for workshops and performances during the Art Festival. The mixing sounded very nice together, so it became my music installation for this Art Festival.



  • I played Taiko drum during at Ripple Drama & Primitive Stone Garden, Nishimaru Shinya Memorial Hall.

  • I played Taiko drum at Kalin Diway.

  • Iki – Stone collaboration with Swedish dancer SU-EN, I worked with lithophone, metallic instruments and computer sounds at Shinano Hall.

  • Collaboration and concert with percussionist Tomoo Nagai with lithophone and rusted rebar at Shinano Hall.

  • Collaboration for Song of Awa with Sakiko Ando (Singer), Nobuyuki Sugihara (Dance) & Tomoo Nagai (Lithophone) at Shinano Hall.

  • I was also invited by Mr Sugihara to collaborate at for the 14th Matsushira Contemporary Art Festival – Spring Waterway at Teramachi Merchant House.



I did a workshop with Lithophone and metallic rusted rebar installation at Futae Citizen Farm.

In France, I’m living nearby Atlantic Ocean in a very famous oyster area. Many years ago, oysters farmers used these stones for making oysters production. I discovered these stones have amazing sounds and resonance. I feel great inspiration with them. So during this workshop, I enjoyed to introduce those amazing sounds for local people and proposed them to play on them and they really enjoyed that.

As they also brought their own musical instruments, I suggested them the idea to create all together some transe grooves including the Konnokol rhythm singing from South East India. It was a real surprise for some local people to discover this way of learning how to sing rhythm easily. As percussionist it was a very nice time conducting this workshop


During the Art Festival, I enjoyed to meet artists from Japan and other countries. I was impressed by the quality of organization and artworks. I hope my participation could bring inspiration for everybody. Actually SU-EN still uses Lithophonic pieces I recorded for some of her dance performances.

Arigato Gozaimasu.

Fabrice Bony

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